Bibbs, Bostons, and Caesers: 3 Local Farmers Talk About Growing Great Lettuce

This time of year at the farmers markets, lettuce is the variety queen. It comes in heads and leaves, reds and greens, crisp hearts and soft butter leaves. Over the past few weeks, I’ve spoken to farmers about growing lettuce, and what varieties they like. Veronica Worthington, of Seaweed & Codfish Herb Farm in West Dennis, pointed out the differences between two lettuce, saying, “ There’s two kinds of Boston here, an Optima and a Sylvestra . One is darker green. The Sylvestra is more of a lime green and makes a better head.” Each year Worthington grows over 35 varieties of lettuce, and often has 2000 heads in the ground by late spring. She likes to buy her seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange, in Iowa, which she says has an excellent selection of heirlooms. “This one here is a loose leaf called Red Rapids from Seed Savers of Iowa,” she went on. “And this is also from Seed Savers of Iowa - it’s a red iceberg and it’s magnificent. Check it out: it’s big. And this is one of the

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