What Eating Seasonally Has To Do With It

Elspeth Hay: Almost every week, late Friday or early Saturday, my house runs out of milk. We belong to a milk co-op; each Sunday a different local family takes turns driving to Dartmouth and bringing back milk for every family in the group. The amount we get is the closest to what we need, but it doesn't always last us until the following Sunday. For simplicity's sake, I've grown to appreciate this gap. It's taken me awhile to quell the instinct to run out for milk the moment we run out, because like most of us, for most of my life, I’ve accepted the idea that certain items—milk, or eggs, for instance—should always be on hand. But eating seasonally and locally has forced me to challenge that assumption. Ali Berlow: The ingredient that was my ‘A-ha moment’ about eating seasonally was chicken. Because before I started buying locally raised birds, it had never occurred to me that there was actually a ‘chicken season’ for Island farmers. Since they’re raising their flocks outside—the

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