#MVSSrecipe: Smoked Oak Seared Steak For this recipe, consider the process behi

#MVSSrecipe: Smoked Oak Seared Steak For this recipe, consider the process behind making MV Smoked Oak Sea Salt. First, saltwater is collected by a team of three humans, tanks and one diesel truck and a ½ hour drive to the Atlantic Ocean. After a quick visual check that no seals, ergo sharks, await us in the water a flinty soul brave the often cold, ceaselessly moving ocean for 10 minutes to hold the intake hose at 10’+ below the surface while a small pump transports the water via hose over the beach and into the awaiting tanks. The tanks filled, we all pile back into the truck for the ride back to the Down Island Farm, the base for MV Sea Salt and where the process to make MV Smoked Oak Sea Salt continues. Eight hours are spent offloading the saltwater through filters that are monitored and cleaned throughout the offloading into nature-proof drying beds. Four to 16 weeks later, sun-dried sea salt is harvested. In the meantime, Oak trees on Down Island Farm have been culled for a variety of uses including heating the farm house. Small oak chunks are held aside for the six to eight hours (rotated every 20 minutes) it takes to gently smoke; imbue MV sea salt crystals with the smoke derived from lighting an oak fire and sealing most of the air out. A lot of intention and effort results in a real, smoky flavor hence this Smoked Oak Seared Steak recipe to celebrate real salt, real smoke; real taste. Smoked Oak Seared Steak Serves 1, easily multiplied 1, 6-8 oz New York Strip Loin Steak (1” thick) OR 1, whole head of cauliflower cut into 1” thick “steaks” and a wedge of the core removed to facilitate even cooking. Set the rest aside. 1 tbsp unsalted butter plus 1 tbsp olive oil if in pan, not grilling 1/4 tsp MV Smoked Oak Sea Salt Heat inside/out grill until searing hot. Place steak on grill and leave untouched for three minutes. Turn over and grill three more. Assess doneness to your taste/recommended temps. Remove from heat and let stand for three minutes. Finger crush Smoked Oak and sprinkle on top before serving. Or heat pan then add butter and olive oil. Place cauliflower steak in pan, lower temp to medium-low and cover for 3-5 minutes.

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