Gardeners Awake! It's Time to Order Seeds. Here Are Some Fresh Ideas.

Jayde Dilks grew up in a small, seaside town in Northeastern England. In 2006 she came to Wellfleet for an internship, fell in love with the area and the man who is now her fiancé, and decided to stay. Today she spends her nights managing a Provincetown restaurant and her mornings in her growing garden. Recently we sat down in my kitchen to talk about her seed order for this year. “I like mainly things that I use in everyday cooking,” Dilks told me. “And also what my friends use that I can pass along, because there’s so much of it that I can’t keep up. We love pickling, so we grow a lot of cucumbers. We’ve usually gone with the English cucumber, but I liked the look of the picture that I saw of this Boston Cucumber, so I’m going to give that a try.” The Boston Pickling Cucumber is known for its high yields, solid flesh, and straight, full shape. Dilks is not a big fan of bread and butter pickles, but she thinks the Boston Pickling Cucumber will be perfect for her favorite recipe for

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